About Me

My name is Japheth Campbell. I graduated as Valedictorian of the Full Sail University Entertainment Business Master of Science program. I was honored to receive the Full Sail Course Director Awards for Executive Leadership, Entertainment Business Finance, and Artist & Product Management. Full Sail is recognized by the entertainment industry as one of the top institutions for entertainment career focused degrees. Full Sail grads regularly are part of winning projects at the annual Grammy Awards.

I am currently building the foundation for a record label start-up that will combine old and new models of music distribution, primarily releasing digital singles instead of full albums on tangible mediums. The goal of our record label is to offer a full package for the artists our company will sign. This would include not only a recording deal, but also marketing and representation in negotiations.

I’m available for consultation and open to acquiring a position at an entertainment based company. Please download my resume if you are interested in a possible partnership.


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