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Social Media Marketing for Your Music Business

The new digital landscape has caused an apparent tsunami in the music industry. With the rather constant barrage of reports and claims indicating that digital music downloads (both legal and illegal) are financially bringing down the industry, one might assume that digital technology is the enemy. Although a pessimistic attitude is somewhat appropriate for those […]

Do-It-Yourself Publishing & Distribution

This month we are looking at two models of media publishing and distribution available today. In my last post, I covered the traditional forms of record labels and music publishers. There are those that find the traditional avenues afford them great success in their careers. There are others who find the same traditional models are […]

Breaking Even on iTunes

Major artists and labels have found success selling digital music on iTunes, but is it a feasible distribution model for independent artists? Can independent artists actually make money at it? That, of course, all depends on the number of songs an artist is able to sell. How many songs will an artist need to sell […]

License vs. Sales

Recently Dave Kusek, VP at Berklee College of Music, posted to his blog, Future of Music, an article entitled: Are iTunes downloads actually “licenses” rather than “sales”? The article reports that Eminem’s production company sued Universal Music Group for royalties on downloaded music. Labels have been using the same contracts and royalty rates on digital […]

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