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Music Law: Interview with Attorney Evita G. Kaigler

One of the entertainment attorneys I connected with this past month while researching music law was Evita G. Kaigler. She founded The Law Offices of Evita G. Kaigler in Atlanta, Georgia, a law practice designed to create change within the music space by advocating for musical integrity and supporting the people who create the music. […]

Music Law: Interview with Attorney Chrissie Scelsi

This past month I connected with some excellent entertainment attorneys, one of those being Chrissie Scelsi. She is the principal of Scelsi Entertainment and New Media Law, P.L., with offices in Port Charlotte and Orlando, Florida. She practices entertainment and intellectual property law, including but not limited to matters for clients in music, film, video […]

Three Copyright Infringement Controversies

Intellectual property laws in the United States have a tendency to be misunderstood by the mass populace. This misunderstanding can lead to very costly controversies. Below I present and discuss my opinion for three intellectual property cases that relate to music and copyright infringement.

Breaking Even on iTunes

Major artists and labels have found success selling digital music on iTunes, but is it a feasible distribution model for independent artists? Can independent artists actually make money at it? That, of course, all depends on the number of songs an artist is able to sell. How many songs will an artist need to sell […]

License vs. Sales

Recently Dave Kusek, VP at Berklee College of Music, posted to his blog, Future of Music, an article entitled: Are iTunes downloads actually “licenses” rather than “sales”? The article reports that Eminem’s production company sued Universal Music Group for royalties on downloaded music. Labels have been using the same contracts and royalty rates on digital […]

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