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Case Studies: Social Media Marketing

The purpose of these case studies is to examine a few artists that have successfully used and integrated social media marketing efforts. I feature both major and independent artists to show that anyone can use the tactics for success. I define social media as not just a social network, but any content or component that […]

Social Media Marketing for Your Music Business

The new digital landscape has caused an apparent tsunami in the music industry. With the rather constant barrage of reports and claims indicating that digital music downloads (both legal and illegal) are financially bringing down the industry, one might assume that digital technology is the enemy. Although a pessimistic attitude is somewhat appropriate for those […]

Artist and Product Management

Artist and product management are two seemingly different areas of management, but both rely upon the other for the success of an artist’s career. An artist manager could develop a quality artist, but without product, such as music, tickets, and merchandise, there would be no revenue generated. A product manager could develop great products that […]

A Spaghetti Sauce Approach to Music Branding

Malcolm Gladwell, writer for the New Yorker and author of several books, gave a talk at a TED conference on the subject of spaghetti sauce. You are probably asking yourself, “What does spaghetti sauce have to do with anything, especially music branding?” Since Mr. Gladwell is a rather entertaining storyteller, I’m embedding the video of […]

The New Way of Marketing

Chris Cox on his website, Make Your Band Famous, has a video that talks about The “New Way” Business Model. This is a summary of the video, highlighting important points that Chris makes.

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